Campagne «Merci» à Dre Heather Morrison et son équipe.

Hello everyone,


The PEI French Health Network invites the community to participate in a project underlining the exceptional work of Dr. Heather Morrison and her team. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have accomplished remarkable crisis management. The Acadian and Francophone community especially appreciate the many times that Dr. Morrison spoke French, as well as the fact that information was available in French at the various checkpoints and on the province’s Web site. The many testimonials received by the Health Network and other community organizations are proof of that.


According to many citizens, the fact that they had access to information in French from the very beginning of the health crisis and during the implementation of the provincial action plan to manage the pandemic meant that their elderly parents felt safer and they themselves better understood certain clarifications during the press briefings. Everyday life since the arrival of the coronavirus has been filled with ups and downs; many Francophone Islanders therefore welcomed the increased accessibility to information in French with open arms.


We therefore need your help, dear members of the community!


The Health Network invites people of all ages to send photos or a short video (maximum of 3–4 seconds) to convey our community’s gratitude to Dr. Morrison and her team in an energetic way. A photo with a smiling face, a photo with a thank you sign, a video of your children waving to the team, etc. Imagine a montage of us all sending them a huge THANK YOU! 


We also invite creative minds to make a drawing or a work of art illustrating their recognition. It’s a good way to enable children to contribute to the project. If you or the children in your life are inspired, we encourage you to let your imagination run wild!


The Health Network will then collect the various contributions and create a photo album and short video with all the images!


You can send your photo or video to Don’t forget to name each person appearing in the photo or short video, and to put the word “THANK YOU” in the subject line.


The deadline to submit your creations is July 20.


Thank you for your collaboration.